Pepsi Food Technology – Hiring for QC Coordinator

Pepsi Food Technology Jobs – QC Coordinator Recruitment. PepsiCo India requires Food Technology to apply online for Quality Control Coordinator position that is available at PepsiCo.

Job Title: QC Coordinator
Location: Sangrur, India
Categories: Manufacturing and Production
Req Id: 215184BR
Graduation in Food Technology
Relocation Eligible: Eligible for Standard Relocation
Job Type: Regular
Job Description:

  • Ensuring that the quality of potatoes issued for production is as per the standard specifications
  • Conducting online quality checks in the process area to ensure that all FLI standards of quality are followed during the production process
  • Conducting visual inspection analytical tests
  • Taking corrective actions to resolve problems thrown up by the tests
  • Conducting online quality checks and finished products’ inspection in the packaging area to ensure compliance with standards of quality
  • Ensuring that the Quality Checkers conduct Checks for air leakage
  • Communicating concern areas and corrective actions to the concerned operator, shift in-charge and production manager promptly
  • Consulting the quality manager in case of criticalities
  • Monitoring machines in the process and packaging area specifically for their effect on quality and ensuring minimum waste due to machine related factors
  • Maintaining accurate and comprehensive reports for communication to all the people concerned
  • Making a Daily Quality Report for the Quality Manager
  • Recording the weekly housekeeping audit score for every area
  • Conducting regular quality wall meetings with the production and engineering personnel for discussing quality defects detected online and then deciding the measures to rectify the problems
  • Coordinating a “Take Action Wall” meeting after every 4 hours
  • Coordinating a Mini Wall Meeting after an hour of the Take Action Meeting to ensure that the recommended action has been carried out and the problem has been rectified Calling for a “Hot Wall” meeting in case there is a critical problem
  • Conducting a weekly house keeping audit to ensure implementation of safety and hygiene practices in the entire plant (primary responsibility is that of the A-shift quality officer)
  • Inspecting the process and packaging area to ensure that the working conditions like lighting, placement of material on the shop floor are as per standard requirements and that there are no unsafe conditions in the plant
  • Getting non-compliances rectified before start-up
  • Handling the hold material for minimizing wastages
  • Ensuring adherence to statutory laws (Weights and Measures & PFA )
  • Effective resolution of customer complaints
  • Participating in TPM activities for increased involvement in the functioning of the plant
  • Practicing a work culture that promotes company growth
  • Implementing change initiatives and continuous improvement in own department and plant
  • Documenting all quality procedures, systems, standards, findings, hazards and corrective actions systematically
  • Learning continuously and upgrading own abilities

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