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Cadila Pharmaceuticals – Job vacancy for Research Associate | Apply Now

Cadila Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Ahmedabad, is a renowned Indian multinational pharmaceutical corporation. The company primarily specializes in the production of a wide array of products, including active pharmaceutical intermediates, finished formulations, food supplements, biotechnology products, and pharmaceutical machinery.

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Research Associate – Pre-clinical | HR Contact: Sanjay Makwana | Core responsibilities include GLP compliance, animal care, data collection, and study conduct. Contact for more info.

Research Associate – Pre-clinical

Education: M.Pharma in Any Specialization, MS/M.Sc(Science) in Any Specialization

Experience: 2 – 7 years of relevant experience

Job description:

Core responsibility related to GLP:

Study Personnel (Toxicology)

  1. To comply with the instructions given in SOPs and study plan.

2. To document deviation from SOP or study plan and communicate directly with SD.

3. Recording raw data promptly and accurately and in compliance with Principles of GLP.

4. Feeding, breeding and maintenance of animals.

5. Maintenance of animal house instruments.

6. Conduct of study, data collection, compilation and verification.

7. Collection of sample(s) / Specimen(s).

8. Preparation and verification of report.

9. Preparation of data, report and specimen for archiving.

10. Weighing of animals

11. Randomization of study animals

12. Dose preparation & dosing of animals

13. Observe the study animals for clinical signs, functional observation battery and mortality

14. Receipt, storage and handling of chemicals, reagents and solutions

15. To help in Genotoxicity study

16. Data entry from raw data to computer application and further analysis

    • Maintenance of internal records as per in-house SOPs and GLP
    • To co-operate during internal, RQA & sponsor audits of study plans, studies, data, reports etc.
    • To help in standardization of new toxicity study
    • Update and maintain training records
    • Ensure instrument used are calibrated and maintain the records
    • Ensure the maintenance of daily activity record
    • Ensure proper labeling of containers (test item, samples etc.)
    • Preparation, maintenance and implementation of SOPs for various activities and provide SOP training
    • Requesting, receiving, maintaining and issuing of the standard formats/controlled documents
    • Ensuring the availability of various monitoring certificates such as feed, water, bedding material, health etc.

Study personnel (in-vivo mutagenicity)

  • Study related activities of in-vivo mutagenicity studies except slide reading.

Allied responsibility:

Study director (Efficacy studies)

  1. Literature search for efficacy and QC studies and model development
  2. Preparation of study plans for efficacy and QC studies
  3. Method development and validation for efficacy studies
  4. Ensure that study plans, amendments (if any) and Standard Operating Procedures are available to study personnel during conduct of study.
  5. Ensure that all raw data generated are fully documented and recorded
  6. Sign and date the final report to indicate acceptance of responsibility for the validity of the data
  7. Ensure that after completion (including termination) of the study; the study plan, the final report, raw data and supporting materials are archived
  8. Requesting and coordinating resources provided by Management – Personnel,
  9. Equipments and Facilities to ensure they are adequate and available as scheduled for the proper conduct of the study

Other responsibility:

  •  Following GPCB guidelines for waste management system and maintenance of its records
  • To ensure pest control at test facility
    • Performing assigned duties on weekly off and holidays based on requirements
    • Create purchase request for material and follow up

Any additional responsibility / activity as and when assigned by management which would not arise any conflict of interest.

HR Contact – Sanjay Makwana

8347434234 ( )

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